This is a short list of ways we can keep our subdivision looking its best

  1. Vehicles/trucks may not be parked on the street overnight (10pm to 7am – safety issue).
    They may never be parked on the lawn.
  2. Boats may be in the driveway to load/unload and clean. They may not be parked outside overnight.
  3. Trash pick-up is Wednesday. Trash/trash cans should be put out no earlier than Tuesday evening and should be brought in by Wednesday evening. Trash cans must be stored out of sight the remainder of the week.
  4. Basketball goals, skate ramps and the like are not to be kept between the house and the street unless they are being used. They are not to be left on the road overnight. When not in use they are to be stored out of sight.
  5. Please keep grass cut, edged and the yard looking good. Yard debris should be placed in the front of your property on Wednesday for Thursday pick up. It should not be placed on or next to HOA islands.
  6. Commercial vehicles are not permitted unless parked in the garage overnight.
  7. Please leash all pets while off your property. All owners are expected to clean up after their dog with a plastic bag or “pooper” scooper.
  8. Fishing in our ponds is for residents of Sweetgrass only. Please obtain permission from a neighbor before cutting through their property to reach the pond. Designated common areas can be used to reach the ponds.
  9. We have an ARB (Architectural Review Board). Before any external construction or repairs are started, our ARB must be notified for approval. Some of these include:
    a. New roof, windows or fence
    b. New swimming pool
    c. New or repaired deck or porch
    d. Paint color must be approved
    e. Any outside storage unit or shed
    f. Removing any tree(s).  The City may also have to be notified.


Thank you for helping make Sweetgrass a great place to live. We all want to be proud of where we live and to increase our property’s value.